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Hudson High School Tennis Talk with Shuhei Suzuki

Shuhei Suzuki came and spoke to HHS Varsity, JV and JV Development players at Hudson High School on Friday, April 26th. He spoke in the "Fishbowl" at HHS where there was a projector and screen for his presentation.

Shuhei was born in Japan and is a US trained Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist. Shuhei is also a full time Physiotherapist for the ATP Tennis Tour where he has been working with ATP Pros since 2014.

Shuhei spoke on who he is, his background and duties with the ATP tennis tour and spoke to his career as a casual PT and Athletic Trainer at TRIA in the twin cities.

Brush with the Living Legends

Evan Song pictured with Novak Djokovic and Andre Agassi. Evan is the cousin of HHS Lewis Holmberg.

Hudson High Schools own Lewis Holmberg shared a picture of his cousin Evan Song. Evan currently plays on the ATP Pro Tennis Tour and is shown here between Novak Djokovic and Andre Agassi.

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