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HTA Adult Tennis 101

HTA Adult Tennis 101

HTA is proud to announce we'll be offering an adult tennis 101 the summer of 2023. A laid back approach to learn and play the great sport of tennis.

HTA Adult Tennis 101

Adult Tennis 101

1. For ages 18+

2. Recreational, laid back adult tennis instruction in Hudson

3. Dates and times to be determined

4. Each session will begin with a warm up and a quick lesson. Several Hudson High School varsity girls and/or boys may be on hand to assist.

HTA's adult tennis 101 offers those that have never played tennis or those that haven't played in awhile to get together with others to learn and play and be active.



  • Season Length: 5 sessions
  • Registration Begins: TBD
  • Cost: $35/player 
  • Times: TBD
  • Dates: TBD
  • Where: Hudson High School tennis courts