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Youth tennis at Hudson Tennis Association (HTA) falls into several categories. We have broken up our age groups into the following groups. You can click the blue group header to take you directly to that page for more info and camp registration links:

LITTLE PROS: Ages 5-7 years old. Our programs have been scaled down to size, with smaller racquets, lower-bouncing red balls and shorter courts that allow kids to have success playing right from the start.

JUNIOR PROS: Ages 8-10 years old. As the kids move up in the world of tennis the racket sizes and balls move with them. The rackets get longer and the balls change from red to orange.

TEAM PROS: Ages 11-14 years old. As our youngsters mature and grow, the game grows with them. At this age the racket length is typically the length they'll continue to use and the balls used are green which is the last type before yellow. We also move into USTA Junior Team Tennis events.

HIGH SCHOOL: Ages 15-18 years old. We work with our budding high school students to help them develop their skills for the next step of JV and varsity tennis. While these programs are run by the Hudson High School we can offer camps and  Junior Team Tennis Tournaments to help them in achieving high school success and to keep them playing for life.

HTA Little Pros

Little Pros: Ages 5-7

HTA Team Pros

Team Pros: Ages 11-14

HTA Junior Pros

Junior Pros: Ages 8-10

HTA High School

High School: Ages 15-18